Our Three Step Process



We create a vision in our in-person consultation. We discuss ideas, advice, and expectations with our clients.



We work together to discard, gift, or donate the excess and expired.



Our team comes in to organize, equipping you with systems that work now and for years to come.


Hi, I’m Rachel Dickerson.

I help people take back what is most important to them!

I started A Beautiful Mess in 2017 after helping my family and friends get themselves tidier and more organized. What I found was that there was a real need, not only with those I was closest to but with many other great people as well. My team and I have truly been honored to help many take back what is most important to them. We are excited about where we are going and would invite you to join us.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.
— Coco chanel

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rachel and her team were amazing! I had my kitchen, bathroom, and closet all organized by them and they did an amazing job! I would highly recommend it!

— Shawna Collins

Rachel was a lifesaver! I wanted my closet organized where I could walk in and feel happy. Rachel and her team were so easy to work with. I pretty much told her to have at it. I love my closet.

— An Chau

Working with Rachel was a dream. The first process of my closet overhaul started with THE PURGE. Rachel and her team came in and put everything back in my closet perfectly folded, organized, and matching hangers! My closet used to be an eyesore. Not anymore.

— Courtney Zavala

Rachel is my trainer for organizing, and it is addicting! She has helped me organize my laundry room and three closets, and now I want to do the whole house! She truly has a God-given gift she uses to bless families!

— Julie Goolsby

Rachel finally figured out what to do with my super messy closet full of beauty products. She came over and made it look super pretty. I can’t recommend her enough!

— Nicole Kestenbaum

Rachel is great! Her team did a fantastic job on both my pantry and closet. Highly recommend!

— Pooja Jesrani

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