abeautifulmess101 Organization with Lipstick and Brunch

Lipstick, Brunch and A Whole Lot More!

I am so excited to finally reveal a beautiful home office transformation for Nicole with Lipstick and Brunch.

Nicole, a lover of all things color & y’all that shows through in her personality & across her Social Media platforms. If you are not following her, well you should, cause you are totally missing out.

Nicole & I worked together on this project along with our friends from mdesign home decor. I could not imagine doing this space without them.

As soon as I walked into Nicole’s space, I knew this would be a fun project & I could help her solve her beautiful mess. We together, worked hard & spent a good 14hrs in this space. The first step was to Edit down all her beauty products. This meant spending some quality time asking the right questions & giving her my view or opinions.

My first thought was to reach out to mdesign home decor, they have helped my clients out in the past & they so graciously excepted the task. They provided all you see!


I always say to my clients, start small for a big win! With this space, we did just that. We tackled each part of this space calmly & fixed each issue presented.

Organizing does not need to be overwhelming, it can be fun & bring great joy.

I finished off the office space by adding my own custom labels to the containers. I think this just adds the final touch & completes the vibe of the office. Labels offer a permanent home solution & makes it much smoother for Nicole to find that home.


abeautifulmess101 Organization with Lipstick and Brunch

Thank you to Arzu Vargas Photography she did an amazing job & these photos are simply just perfect!

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